Brownscast: The Official Podcast of the Cleveland Browns

Get beyond the X's and O's and listen in on candid, behind-the-scenes conversations with Browns players, legends, coaches, and front office personnel about way more than just the game. Hosted by Max Linsky.
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Brownscast: The Official Podcast of the Cleveland Browns

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Sep 9, 2015

Welcome to Brownscast! For our first episode, Max talked to veteran left tackle Joe Thomas. This is Joe's ninth season on the Browns, he's made the Pro Bowl every year, but every game is still stressful. Because as Joe explains, despite all his success, it still feels like he only gets noticed when he makes a mistake.

“As lineman, we’re judged not by the number of good plays we have but by the number of bad plays. We get all blame and no credit. But that’s why there’s such a close brotherhood among offensive lineman across the league. We go out there, we do everything we possibly we can, and the best thing we can do is help our team win the game.”

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